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Anne Heitfeld , born 1957

with the artist name  Anne Kempmann

I live and work in Aachen as well as on the Greek island of Samos

and have my own ateliers in both of these locations.

Since childhood, I have loved hand-crafting, painting, plasticising and experimenting with earth, clay, papers and other materials.

For me, art is a language, shaped in a diverse and multi-layered way, it unites people in their freedom to think, feel and act. I love experimenting, playing with colors and materials, converting finds, integrating them into my creations and bringing them to a new life.

With great fascination I unite the visual arts of painting and sculpture with my expertise as an artist of healing sounds (chirophonetics).

For Anne, the painter, creativity is not only a process of invention, but primarily one of translating - translating invisible movement and inner perception in color and form.

With her pictures she establishes a connection to an area of the invisible that cannot be communicated, but can be shared in the process of design and viewing. -  Heike Smets-Rüdiger

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