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Art is endless, the forms change - R.Steiner


The sculpture Female Nude into the future made of coarse fireclay, built and shaped by hand, was created in 1988/89 by Anne Kempmann as a part of the women's culture project of the city of Düren on the topic of MEN'S WORLD.


The ceramist also links her experiences with women from West Africa to the topic of MEN'S WORLD.

During her scholarship abroad in Ghana, she was able to learn from the women potters the techniques of changing the clay surface with pebbles and firing of ceramics in an open fire.


She has applied these experiences and transferred them to the shaping process of a sculpture made of clay: a woman's body, a female nude, purely intuitively constructed from a piece of clay, hollowly shaped.


Out-on-break structures appear next to smooth surfaces, polished by pebbles, drawn by the flame guide of the open fire. An organic form, full of dynamics, archaically simple-looking, noble, temptingly soft, naturally gentle, which represents the hand as a tool of the soul.


1989 Group exhibition

Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren

Art never stops...
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