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ATELIER in Aachen

The interest in arts and crafts was put into my cradle. Raised with the creative energy and atmosphere in my family's workshops,

I also do my artistic activities in places that are full of dynamic tensions between art and life.


It is important for me to design peaceful spaces in which my guests feel like home and the works of art become a source of inspiration.


Your home looks like a gallery and your atelier feels like home.

- Quote of a visitor


Eggshells - Sculptures in combination with different materials

Again and again I am fascinated by what are eggshells ... the universe ... cell diversity ... individuality ... preciousness ... jewel.

My eggshell-sculptures are created from an interplay of various materials, on handmade cardboard, canvas, iron plates and much more

Alabaster sculptures

Plastic in editing process


Marly rock flour - Terragraphies

Fingerprints in a homemade paste made of marl rock flour, 50 cm x 50 cm on handmade carton


Collages - creations of freedom,

Joy of experimenting,

Courage to change,

to be changed ...

Papers, sketches, drawings, merge, layer,

arrange, enter into dialogues, overlay,

paint over, play...


Visual ART and POETRY

ART is LANGUAGE in a variety of ways, understandable in all peoples and cultures and to understand, feel through our senses ... to understand for everyone in their own way

Visual ART and

CHIROPHONETICS on an empty canvas ...

The sound of the planetary sun in a chirophone way while the hands stroke the canvas in the same rhythm and make the sphere sound visible. 100 cm x 100 cm, marble flour, gold

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