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The empty shells of the egg, the eggshells, lie like sculptures in their three-dimensionality of me. I clean the eggshells and then gently remove the egg skin from the egg shell. The eggshells are the plastic medium for me to express my knowledge from the therapeutic work on humans as a chirophonetician universally. The organic shape of the ice, the plasticity in each individual piece of shell is unique in its beauty, clear, pure, untouchable, 

of ingenious, universal greatness.

For me, the eggshell sculptures are impressive reflections of light. - Anne Kempmann

It was about my biographical lunar node, i.e. about my 38th /39th year of life when I feel the increased need, 

to express my deep feelings about my own birth in an artistic process. My questions revolved around entering into life as part of the universe and the cosmic connections. As a medium for these sensitive and mysterious topics, I choose the EGG - in the symbolism of the cell, the germ cell of all life. To consciously remember the egg as a body of rotation around the rotating movements, the contractions and flowing movements before, under and after birth and to transform them into creative actions. 


Absorbed in my meditation, gently holding the egg in my hands, moving, seeing, feeling, the impulse pushes itself on, to knock the egg open! Something wants to show itself, out into the world, connected with associations of awakening-rupture, bang, awakening, shock, trauma, injury, pain, wound ... an action of existential significance! After all, something very precious is revealed in the egg, like the pearl in the oyster, namely the nourishing abundance of egg white and yolk.


For the painting process, I stir the so-called egg tempera from egg yolk and linseed oil according to the "kind of alchemy of painting". I beat the egg white with a mixer until it is cut-resistant and use it to fix the finished work of art.

For Anne, the painter, creativity is not only a process of invention, but primarily one of translation - the translation of invisible movement and inner perception into color and form. With her pictures, she establishes a connection to an area of the invisible that cannot be communicated, but can be shared in the process of designing and viewing.
- Heike Smets-Rödiger

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