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DiaLogosArt  - Anne Kempmann



Speaking in pairs, without words


feeling, seeing, liberating, acting


where there is fear, it goes on for a long time  -  Marina Abramovic / Serbian performance-artist


Non-verbal messages are tangible, mysterious and poetic. 

We are allowed to open up to our inner language landscape and share it - through the process of talking to each other, we are gifted with wonderful ideas and experiences.


Just to start, it takes COURAGE.

-Impulses reach us, creative actions follow, transform our thoughts into a visible language that we can share without words, only through mindfulness... in the willingness to transform our own inner images soulfully.

At DiaLogosArt two people meet in front of a blank white sheet of paper, sit opposite to each other, they just look at each other. After a while movement comes into the process of looking at oneself, the impulse becomes action, the pen is grasped and first hatching, lines become visible.

Rhythmic hand movements with a step are observed by the viewer, followed until he himself enters, resonates and responds dialogically.


The viewer becomes the actor. The actor becomes the viewer. 

Anne Kempmann invites you to see art differently, to feel differently and to communicate with her.

As a social pedagogue and an artist in ceramic sculpture she started working with special people in a different artsy way in the late 1970s.


The development of the individuality of young people and the eliciting of their innate intelligence, language and talents has always been close to her heart.

Since the beginning of her freelance work (1995) in her own center for personality development and health support she has been using art as a means of promotion a healthy mindful lifestyle.


Becoming human is art. Novalis


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